It is very easy to upload a Facebook video as a learning unit in your course, with just a few clicks, following the steps below:

1) Find the Video from the Facebook platform that you would like to upload (It must be a Public video)

2) Click on the "Embed Video" link and a new window will pop-up

3) In the new pop-up window just copy the embed code to your clipboard (Ctrl/Command+C or right-click+copy)

4) Now you are ready to embed the video to your course. Just go to the authoring page of your course and create a new learning unit of type "Embed"

5) Fill-in the Title, the Description and choose the Icon you prefer for this unit

6) At the Code field Paste (Ctrl/Command+V or right-click+Paste) the code you copied at step 3.

7) Now just click Save to finish.

 You are done!

P.S: For more advanced options for your facebook embedded Videos you can visit the following facebook developers page :