Be it a ship, a spaceship or the online school business you worked so hard to build, every complex enterprise needs a command center. The LearnWorlds Dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of your school and helps you run your business. It allows you to be instantly on top of your sales, registrations, and student activity. See in real time who is logged in and engage with your students!

When in admin mode, the Dashboard is the first option available in the authoring toolbar.

Here is a sneak preview of the page:

In the "Events log" column, if you hover your mouse over the "more info" link of a "log in" event, you are able to see several details about the event itself such as the browser your learner used, or even the city he/she logged in from:

Do not forget that you can always consult the right-hand side column in order to find out how the basic LearnWorlds features work, such as how you can customize the appearance of your LearnWorlds online school or how you can create your first course.