In this article we will show you how to create a live webinar for your learners with a few easy clicks using Hangouts on Air.

1 First of all you have to create an "Embed Unit" at the course you would like to create a webinar.

2 Give a title on your Learning Unit and click on the "Save" button.

3 Hover over the new learning unti and click on the button highlighted below.

4 Now fill the title and the description of your unit. At the "Paste embeddable code" field you need to Paste the embed code for your "Google Hangouts on Air".

5 In order to Create a new Hangout on Air visit this website Hangout on Air and click on "Create a Hangout on Air".

6 Fill the properties of your Hangout on Air Webinar .

7 We recommend you to set your Hangout as unlisted (More Info) so Google+ will not promote your link. Just remove the "Public" from the Audience field and click Share (Note that anyone having access to that link will be able to attend the webinar).

8 After clicking "Share" you will be redirect to your Hangout on Air page. At the "Details" tab click on the "Links".

9 At the pop-up window copy the Video-Embed code 

10 Now come back to your course and Paste this code into the "Paste embeddable code" field of the "Video Embed" you just inserted to your course. Click Save.

11 Your unit should look like this where the timer is the count-down till the commencement of your webinar. This is what all the students that are enrolled to your course will be able to see before the webinar commences. 

12 When time has come. Go to your Webinar admin page and click "Start" button.

13 Allow Google to Enable your camera & your microphone

14 Accept Google+ & Youtube terms.

15 You are ready! Click "Start broadcast" at the window  and "Ok" at the pop up window.  Congratulation your webinar is on Air and your students are able to see and hear you.

Some great tools during your Webinar to make it more efficient click here 

16 When you finish with your Webinar click on the "Stop broadcast" button.

Your webinar session will remain online as a youtube video in your course and your youtube channel

Important notes: 

  1. If you want to keep your webinar/video private then you should both delete the learning unit from your LearnWorlds course AND remember to set the video in private in your youtube channel. You can always upload the webinar as a normal video in your LearnWorlds course.
  2. If you want your students to able to participate in the Hangout (e.g. use the chat, be able to use their camera and microphone and speak etc) then they must be added to the Hangouts as participants. For this you will need to invite them using their google account (just having access to the link is not enough). When they log on to the course in the LearnWorlds platform they will be able to see and hear you. If they use the Hangouts invitation you send them then they will also be able to use the rest of the tools. It all depends of the nature of your webinar (e.g. 1-to-many or discussion with students).