1Choose the settings of your exam (for more information about each option click here). Set the desired settings and click “OK”.


2To insert a multiple choice question click on: Add question -> Multiple choice.

3After your insert a multiple choice question, type/paste the question text and the possible choices. Right next to the correct answer, check the "correct" check-box.

Note: You can add more choices by clicking the “Add Choice“ button.

4 To insert a True/False statement click on: Add question -> True false

5 After your insert a True/False question, type/paste the question prompt, as well as  the statement for which the learner has to decide if it is true or false. If the statement is True then check the correct box, else leave it blank (an empty check-box means that the statement is false).

6 When you finish adding your questions just click “Save changes” to save your Exam.

That's it!