Are you hosting your videos on your own account? Then there are some privacy settings you should be using. Why? First of all your videos need to be protected so that they are not available for free to vimeo users or accessible through search engines. Secondly, LearnWorlds uses its own interactive video player which replaces the normal video control buttons of vimeo. If you don't want to turn up with two sets of video controls you should hide the default vimeo player buttons.

Here are the privacy and video embed settings you should be using:

Privacy Tab

  • Who can watch this video? 
    • Choose "Hide this video from"
  • Enable video review page? 
    • Uncheck the checkbox
  • Where can this video be embedded?
    • Only on sites I choose. Add two domain names: and your own domain name
  • Who can comment on this video? 
    • No one
  • What can people do with this video? 
    • Uncheck both checkboxes

Embed Tab

  • Player Preferences
    • Choose "Always hide" and unceck all checkboxes  (you can create a Preset for ease of use)
  • Outro 
    • Select "Nothing" from the select box
  • Miscellaneous
    • Check option "Default this video to HD when embedded"