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How to Navigate from your Course Player to the After Login Page

The default navigation off of the Back to course page button in your Course Player is to take you back to the Course layout page.

However, if you wish to alter the navigation and have your users taken back to the After Login page of your school you will need to follow the steps below.

Note: This is universally applied to all of your school's courses.

1. Go to Site Builder Custom Code.

2. Go to <body> logged in (HTML) tab and paste the code below.

     if(window.location.pathname == "/path-player"){
         var intervalCountButton = 0;
         var selectorInterval = window.setInterval(function(){
             var $backToCourse = $('.-default-course-player-back');
             if($backToCourse.length) {
                 console.log('found - clearing');
                 $'click').on('click', function(e){e.preventDefault(); window.location.href = "/start"});
             } else if (intervalCountButton > 30) {
                 console.log('failed to find - clearing');
             intervalCountButton = intervalCountButton + 1;

Note: Make sure to translate the text for the button so that it can reflect the new navigation (e.g. Back to the After Login Page or Start Page).

Your new navigation off of the course player will look like this:

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