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User's Guide - All About your Courses

In this article you will find all the details you may need about your courses, as a user. 

How many types of courses are there?

There are two types of courses; free and the ones that need to be purchased. If the course you want to enroll in is free click on Register for free to have full access to the content. If the course you want to enroll in is paid, click on Enroll (the course’s price should be visible, right next to Εnroll) and follow the checkout process. Once completed, the course contents will get unlocked for you.

How to navigate inside a course?

Once you access a course, you will find a full table of contents on the left-hand side of the screen. Browse through the sections and access the learning activity you would like to study. You can always come back and re-visit any learning activity you wish. Any learning activities that you have visited/completed are marked with a discrete check mark.

How to download course content?

If you are enrolled in a course (paid or not), you will have access to the whole course contents. In most cases, the contents are not available for download and you will need to be connected to the internet to access the contents through your browser. Certain material, like PDF files or PPT presentations, may be available for download.

Do I have to be online at a specific time to take a course?

No, you can take your course whenever you want. Courses remain online around the clock. All you need is internet access and a fairly modern browser. The exception to this is Live Sessions, which need to be visited at the prescheduled time.

Can I take more than one course at a time?

Yes. You can take as many courses as you wish.

How to cancel a course?

For canceling a course enrollment or asking for a refund please contact the School's owner (contact info may be found under Account on the top bar menu).

How long does it take to complete a course?

It depends on the course. Each course has different time requirements. Read the course’s description or contact your instructor for more specific details.

Does access to my paid courses expire?

In most cases, once you have enrolled in a course you will have access for a lifetime unless the course itself is set up by the school owner with an expiration date.

Note: As soon as the LearnWorlds school is canceled by the owner, the school will be automatically deleted so users will lose access to its content and courses. Furthermore, if for any reason the school owner deletes a course the same result will apply.

Are there prerequisites for the courses or lessons?

In most cases, there are no prerequisites and you can take any course you want independently. For certain courses that do have prerequisites, this will be clearly explained in the course description. You may also want to discuss this with the course instructor.

How to access a course that I have completed?

You can access your courses anytime by logging in to the platform and visiting the course page. The courses you have purchased appear always first in the school’s course catalog. In addition, your courses can be found in your Account.

Note: The buttons/links' texts along with your school's navigation may vary according to school settings.

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