A File Αssignment (FA) is a learning activity, similar to Assignments, through which instructors can request learners to submit one or more files in their answers. This feature is available in Pro Trainer plan and above.

How to create a file assignment

1 Go to the course and navigate to Contents

2 Click on Add an activity.

3 Hover over and click on File Assignment from Questionnaires category. 

4 Type the title and hit Save.

5 To configure the new learning activity, click on Settings.

6 The Update File Assignment sideform will appear.

7 Setup your learning activity's settings in the sideform and click on Save.

According to your settings, this is how the file assignment will look like in the course player.


  • File Assignments can be set up as part of Paid, Draft, and Coming Soon sections. It is not feasible to use it in Free sections in order to avoid the exchange of any inappropriate files.
  • Each file can be up to 20MB (same as with PDFs or digital downloads added by admins and instructors). However, you are able to set a lower threshold in the learning activity's Settings.
  • If you want to change the settings afterwards, you can do so by clicking on learning activity's Settings.
  • For security reasons, users cannot upload the following formats: 

a. Files with file extensions:

apk, app, bat, bin, cmd, com, exe, inf, msi, out, osx, ps1, prg, run, reg, vb, vbs, vbscript, jar, html, htm

b. Mimetypes:

application/vnd.microsoft.portable-executable, application/x-dosexec, text/html

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