A File assignment (FA) is a learning activity, similar to Assignments, through which instructors can request learners to submit one or more files (available for the Pro Trainer plan, or higher)

File Assignments can be set up as part of Paid, Draft, and Coming Soon sections (note that it is not feasible to use FAs to Free sections to avoid receiving any inappropriate files). Here is how you can add file assignments to your courses.

1 Go to Courses and click on the desired course -> Contents -> Add an activity:

2 To create a file assignment, click on the “File Assignment” button. 

3 Insert the title of your assignment and click Save.

4 To configure the new learning unit, click on the Settings button shown below:

5 And then the “Update File Assignment” Sidebar will pop up:

Where you can:

A.Upload extra (supporting) material for your learners

B. Choose where learners can upload their file from (How many files and what size)

C. Set a submission due date (choose whether you are going to accept late submissions)

If you scroll down, you will see additional options:

D. Show a message after submission.

E. If the learner passes the fie assignment you may even offer a file of your choice for downloading.

F. Set the passing grade.

G. Choose whether you will let them resubmit (in case they fail).

H. You can choose how many minutes after your users can resubmit a new file.

6 Don't forget to click on the "Save" button to save your file assignment changes.

Remember,  you can change the settings of your file assignment whenever you wish, by clicking on the “Settings” button.

How the File Assignment will look like in the Course Player:

You can either click the “Preview” button or log in as a simple user to check if you’re happy with the result:

Please note that, for security reasons, users cannot upload the following: 

a) Files with file extensions:

'apk', 'app', 'bat', 'bin', 'cmd', 'com', 'exe', 'inf', 'msi', 'out', 'osx', 'ps1', 'prg', 'run', 'reg', 'vb', 'vbs', 'vbscript', 'jar', 'html', 'htm'

b) Mimetypes:




Additionally, each file uploaded by the learner can be up to 20MB (same as with PDFs or digital downloads added by you). You are able to set a lower size if you want. 

How to grade an assignment

To grade the file assignment simply go to Reports Center –> Assignments ...and click on the Grade Assignment button on the far right of the learner's tab you wish to grade.

The "Assignment Grading" window will appear, with the username, time, and date of the assignment's last modification and the learner's submission.

By scrolling down the "Assignment Grading" window, you'll be able to view the file/files, add comments and grade the assignment. You may even add a file to accompany your grading.

Kindly note that your comments can include an image or even a link with useful resources!

This is how the graded assignment will look to your learner.

Well done, you can now create and grade file assignments in no time!