There comes a time when all you need is a very simple course with just a single lesson in it. No table of contents, no navigation, nothing. Single Activity Courses is the answer!

Single Activity Courses is simply another course player skin, with a minimalistic feel and no navigation panel. It can be used from Zoom meetings, Webinars, and SCORM activities to selling your multimedia files such as your music albums. 

Let's see how you can turn your course into a single activity one!

Create a course and simply navigate to the course player tab:

Then select one of the two single activity course skins available:

That's it! Now navigate to the Contents of your course and add a single learning unit, for instance, a zoom webinar. The result is a minimalistic course player, with your single learning unit nice and clean: 

That's it! The single activity course is a unique feature that offers a better navigational experience to your users when selling digital products, services, or on those special occasions such as webinars & SCORM files.