Running a successful online academy requires continuous improvement and education, so course creation is an ongoing process. Your users will maintain their interest in your online academy if you provide them with brand new educational material.

But, how will your users get informed when new content is added to their course?

Follow the steps in this article, in order to make sure your users will be notified and have access to your brand new course material.

1 Visit the course's Access tab.

2 Enable the Drip feed option and Drip by date.

3 Navigate to the course's Contents tab (this will now show the label "Dripped") and visit the section that you wish to add new learning material, or create a section in order to upload your new content. Click on “No date Specified” or the "footsteps" icon.

4 In the "Section Edit" menu that appears, set the date that your users will be informed about the new uploaded contents and set up the email notification, informing your users about the available material.

Once the section is available to your learners, your users will receive an email notification about the newly uploaded material in their enrolled courses!

Here is an example of an email notification you can use:

That’s it!