In order to start receiving payments for your courses, you need to connect your LearnWorlds site with a payment gateway, such as 2Checkout. 

Navigate to "Settings" - "Financial" - "Payment Gateway" and select 2Checkout:

You will need to add your account number, private key, secret word, password, and username. Let's see where you can detect this information in your 2Checkout account:


The Account Number (also called "Merchant code") can be found in the top-right corner by clicking on the gear icon.


The Private Key can be found by navigating to the Account > API Tab (or Integrations > Webhooks & API if you are using 2checkout 2.0): 


Navigate to Account > Site Management and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will find the Secret Word there. (For 2checout 2.0 navigate to Integrations -> Webhooks & API and find the Buy link secret word field)


The checkout password is the one you defined when creating the username, as described below.


You must create a username which can be done by navigating to the Account > User Management Tab > Create username. This is a new username and not your "Master account". When creating the username select API ACCESS and make sure the checkbox API UPDATING is checked. Now complete the form (username, password, email) and create it.

For 2checkout 2.0 you will need to navigate to User Management under the gear icon: 

Select the Roles tab and then Add role:

Fill in a role name and description and then select the API access privileges (untick all boxes except the following two):

Navigate back to the Users tab and create a new user:

Create a user and assign them the API role:

The username and password created here are the ones you will add in the respective fields in your LearnWorlds school. 

Additional Setup

i. Navigate to Account > Site Management

ii. Under header Site Settings turn Demo Setting -> OFF

iii. Scroll until you find Direct Return and select Header Redirect (its a bullet)

iv. Under the Direct Return setting, you can also find the APPROVED URL field which must be set to your unique APPROVED URL (can be found in your school's 2checkout financial settings under additional setup).

v. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

If you use 2Checkout 2.0 the additional setup is:

i. On the bottom left select "Request Activation" so as to be able to deactivate the demo mode:

ii. Under Integrations -> API & Webhooks find the Redirect URL area. Paste the link provided in your Financial Settings (it's in the form of https://YOURSCHOOLSDOMAIN/billing/twocheckout/success) and select the Return method called Header redirect. Click Update. 

Don't forget to activate 2Checkout!