Everything is customizable in your LearnWorlds school! LearnWorlds gives you the opportunity to further customize your tiles menu and remove the list of your Courses in case you do not want them to appear there. The tiles menu is the home button of your logged in learners so in case you want to keep it simple, or in case you do not wish your users to see the available courses you can just follow the steps in this article. 

In case you want to customize its color you can find how to do it here.

Let's see how to remove “Courses” from the tiles menu.

Tiles menu is the pop-up menu that appears once you click on your school’s logo on the upper left corner of your school (the "home button" for your logged in users).

In order to remove your courses from your tiles menu, follow these steps.

1Click on “Appearance”

2Enter the following CSS snippet in both “Built-in pages CSS” and “ Pages Builder CSS” and click the "Save" button.

The CSS snippet is:

#navCoursesWrapper {

    display: none;


Built-in pages CSS

Pages Builder CSS

Please note, that any changes in Custom CSS (Build-in Pages, Pages Builder pages) are not visible in the admin account.

When a user, other than the admin account, logs in to your school and clicks the tiles menu button, the courses will not be visible.

Pretty easy, right?