Dashboard, this is the first page you see each time you log in your school. 

Did you ever had the chance to check the informative menus available?

In this article we describe all fields so to familiarize and check frequently all your school updates at a glimpse:)

Starting from top to bottom, first, we have our "wizards"! 

With the School wizard, you may update your academy's name, time zone, language and currency.

The "Create Course" wizard, is a quick shortcut for the creation of a new course. You may find more information on the procedure in this article.

Next on the top line, you may find preview links for your Landing and After Login pages.

Still on the top row of icons, we have placed our support "treasures":)

By hovering over the Help icon while you are logged in with your LearnWorlds admin credentials, you'll have easy access to the LearnWorlds Academy courses

and by scrolling down the "Help" menu you'll find available categories with all our support articles. 


The Dashboard page displays also four useful graphs divided in tabs.

New sign-ups, so to monitor your school registrations,

a graphical presentation of revenue,

product sales

and the active learners number.

These four graphs can be generated for the 7, 30 or 60 days by switching the drop-down option.

Next to the graphs, you'll find a numbers section offering a quick school and sales overview.

On the bottom part of the Dashboard page, we have placed "shortcuts".

The New Users option is for the newly registered members and displays also info on when they signed up.     With the "see all" button you'll be directed to the Users- All learners menu.

Right next, there is a shortcut for the recently submitted Assignments. With the "see all" button you'll be directed to the Exams- Assignments.

Kindly note that if there are no Assignment learning activities in your courses or none assignment is ungraded, this section will be replaced with the last "shortcut" for LearnWorlds Blog. The "see all" button here, will direct you to our latest posts:)

Next, on the Dashboard's "shortcuts" you'll find an update on the latest events! The "see all" button, directs you to the Activity-Events log menu.

The last useful "shortcut" of your Dashboard is showing the number and usernames of your Online Users.

From this option and the "Contact" button you can easily create an inbox message and communicate with the learners while they're online!

Last but not least, on the right corner you are able to find the "LearnWorlds Support" from where you can contact our support team. 


Hope that this article will save you time by skipping clicks and make your school's administration tasks easier!