Are your learners attempting to login to your school but they have forgotten their password? Would they like to just refresh their password but are not sure what to do? 

No worries we are here for you! Check the alternative solutions:

Login/Sign up form

1 Any user can reset their password by clicking on the “Forgot your password” button found on the Login form.

2 After doing so, a new form will pop up, where they will have to add their email, in order to receive the reset password link.

3 In the received email there will be a link to the reset password form.

After clicking on the link the learner will be redirected to the new password form, from where, after adding the new password,  will be automatically logged in to the school.

Profile Page

All users,  are able to also change their password through their Profile page, by clicking on “Edit” and then by selecting the “Change password” tab in the pop-up window.

Just by saving their your password will be updated! :)