Having a LearnWorlds school not only allows you to sell your courses but also to track down all the data related to the purchases. By just navigating to Reports Center you will be able to verify any Sales related to your school.

According to your financial settings and the products that you have selected to sell within your school, you will be able to see the respective category activity. Let’s take a closer look at the available data. 


This Reports Center category is available in all schools and sums up all the sales activity regardless of the type of the sold product (course, bundle, subscription, payment plan etc).

Moreover, can also export the data in xls or csv format, by clicking on “Export Data”.

Product Revenues

In this section, you can see the total revenue/earnings you have received per product:

Instructor Revenues

This category will allow you to view all the revenues produced for each one of your school instructors.

Cancelled Sales

Any cancelled sales are also collected along with all the related info regarding the cancelling users, the cancellation date, and the product title.

Once more we have you covered and we provide you, in the best way, your school's financial data control.