If you are trying to find a way to increase your school’s registration rates, then it is high time you thought about adding the ability of Social Logins to your website. After all, Social Login makes it much easier for your potential students to Sign up to your school, as it minimizes the obstacles of creating new usernames and passwords, allowing them at the same time to use their existing social media accounts.

Activating Social Logins in a LearnWorlds school is a piece of cake as it just needs a few steps to happen!

1 Navigate to "Site Builder" - "Sign in/up":

2 In the “Sign up with Social Media” area select the most preferable Social Media Login and just fill the respective check box.

You have the ability to add all the available options:

Or just a couple of them:

Where will the learners be redirected when Signing Up through a social Login?

Check how easy Sign Up/Login will be for your new students signing up with:





Do you want to white-label your school and completely remove any mention of the LearnWorlds brand? Then check out our Learning Center plan.

After the user’s successful sign-up, an account is automatically created and the system is updated regarding the type of this account. In order to verify this, just navigate to the Learners page and find it under the “Account column”:

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