An Ebook contains a lot of information, many different unit files as text, images videos, and its authoring is usually time-consuming. Duplicating an Ebook can be very handy as you’ll be able to re-use and re-purpose your content.

Cloning an Ebook in LearnWorlds is really a piece of cake, with the following procedure:

1 Go to the course and click "Contents":

2 Go to the Ebook you would like to copy and click the "Edit Ebook" button.

3 Hover over the "+" icon on the far right.

4 Click on the "Edit HTML" tab.

5 When the box with the code appears left click in it (to display the cursor), mark it all with Ctrl + A, and copy the code with Ctrl + C

6 Go to the course you would like to paste your Ebook and click "Contents":

7 Create a new "Ebook" learning activity and click on the "Edit Ebook" button

8 Hover over the "+" icon and click "Edit HTML"

9 In the box with the code that appears left click in it (to display the cursor) and paste the code with Ctrl + V

10 Click on the "Save" button

You are all set! A new Ebook with the exact same content was just created for you.