What could be more effective as a learning tool than a video?

Imagine if this video could also be edited by you, turning it into an interactive means of education! Well once more we have your back and we are happy to present you the new version our fresh Interactive Video Player (hint: the colors of the video player and the templates match the color scheme of your school which makes your brand more robust in look and feel).

Let’s find out together how this innovative player is working, by editing your first video!

1 Initially, choose a course and navigate to its contents.

There, upload a video and click on the “Edit video” button next to the title.

2You will be then redirected to the “revamped”  IVideo Authoring mode where you can make magic, by using the template Library, which can be found on the right sidebar after hovering over the “plus” button.

Choose any template you feel suits your video’s needs best. You can find plenty of them in any category. Add text or Images, use Pointers and Openers, insert Titles, your Logo and why not even a brief Bio of team members!

3Adding a template is really easy. Just select one and manage it in the most convenient way. 

After adding the template you can click on it and further edit it accordingly. In text templates insert your own text and then manage its font, size or color...:

...while in Image templates you can upload any image already uploaded in the course.... 

...or even a new one.

4 The video player templates are really handy, as they can be dragged 

...or resized!

5 Another feature that can be more than useful during your video creation is the Time Handling of each element, through which you can control on which exact moment each template will begin or end and its duration in the video. This can be achieved in two ways :

a. Click on the element and then on the gear button. The clicking of the Time tab will open all the time settings,from which the Start and End Time can be edited as well as the Duration: 

Choose on which hour/minute/second of the video will the template start or end and check its duration, which by default is 5 secs.

b. The Time can also be controlled through the video wizard, where the selected template is displayed as a red handler.

The handler can be moved on the wizard and at the same time you can move the template on the video or extend it and make the template’s duration larger or smaller.

Remember that with the video wizard you can control the start/end/duration time with an accuracy of 100 milliseconds!

6 Displaying more than one templates simultaneously is not only possible but also amazingly gorgeous when creating your video with the LearnWorlds video editor.

Now you have the ability either to insert a second new template from your library next to another or to duplicate the first one, which can be really time saving! Just click the clone button after selecting the element.

While moving one template next to the other, you can see that layout lines appear which will be your “guide” while trying to align your templates.

Your video is ready and all the elements are in the right positions on it. But how will you be able to find them all together? Just hover over the “plus” button on the right and click on the “Elements List” tab.

In this list you can have an overview of the added templates, since you can see their order, their type, which second of the video each one lies in and you can also click on any of them and be moved directly to that part of the movie.

7 Did you change your mind and want to omit any of the inserted templates? Click on it and then on the “trash bin” button and the element will be deleted!

The LearnWorlds Interactive Video Editor will become your right hand in your teaching adventure making your students’ learning experience a comfortable and amusing journey!