Within your LearnWorlds school, you can also include web pages as external sources in your courses. What is better is that you can do it in a few steps:

1 Go to the course where you want to add the external website and add a new External link unit in the relevant section.

2 Once your new External link unit has been created click on the “Settings” button right next to it.

3 On the new window that opens, simply paste the external website URL. Keep in mind to hit save!

Now you can add any external website you want so as to enrich your course material. It may be a wikipedia entry, a quora post or a page from your own website. 

Pretty neat, right?

Please note that if you want to insert a page of your school as an external link, you will need to add "?preview=1" at the end of the URL in order to appear as an iframe within the course player.