Being able to offer certificates to your students is amazing because not only they get to be rewarded for their hard work, but they also have proof of your school’s success in passing knowledge to others. Do you know what is even better? To be able to offer and issue your own personalized certificates in your LearnWorlds courses! Let’s see how, right away:

LearnWorlds uses PDF templates to create user certificates. Those PDF certificates are PDF Forms with fields corresponding to data (e.g. username, course title, etc.) that you need to include in the student certificate. So the first step you need to do is to create/choose the template of your certificate.

Caution: You have to edit the pdf and insert the appropriate Text Fields with names as shown below. Please make sure to keep the file size of the PDF below 1Mb, preferably below 500Kb. Otherwise, the process of issuing a certificate will be very slow leading to students' frustration and potential technical problems.  Also, the names are case-sensitive so check twice before uploading the certificate to your course.

1 Visit the website (or similar online PDF editor) and upload your certificate template as shown below. Choose the "Create a new PDF document" option.

2 Click on the "upload" button on the top of your screen and upload your already designed certificate template.

3 When your file is uploaded click on the “Form Field” tab to insert one.

4 Select Type as "Text" and click "Select".

5 Choose the area where you would like to insert this field into and give it a proper size to fit your text.

6 Right Click on the field and click on "Object Properties".

Give the correct Certificate Field name (as shown in the table below this screenshot) to the object by choosing one from the table below. Preferably set the Alignment property to "Center" so that the text flows nicely.

Certificate Field Name
The name of the student
The course name
The date that the certificate was awarded in
The score that the students achieved in the final test, in percentage points
The course credits points (this can be setup through course authoring in your school)
A unique identifier (text and numbers) that can be used to identify/track valid certificates
A special field that can be used for showing user input, like a professional registration number etc
This link downloads the original certificate locally to their system.

It would also be good to set the font size to “Auto” on the top text toolbar of your screen.

Repeat steps 3-7 for each Text Field you would like to insert into your certification

These are the text fields that will be used in this template example.

8 When you are finished, click on the download icon to save the final pdf file to your hard disk.

Well done for creating your first certificate pdf template! It wasn’t that hard, was it?

Here is how the certificate will look to your learners: