In case you are wondering how your Ebook experience will be for your learners, you can find all about it in this support article.

1 By clicking on the “preview” button you can enter the course player and check out how your Ebook appears to your students.

2 Once learners enter the course player, they can track the progress of your Ebook easily from the line that appears at the bottom of the page. As they scroll down your Ebook, this line fills up so they can recognize how much is left. Also, if they click on the previous & next buttons on the top of the page, they can navigate to the previous or next learning activity in your course. 

3 If they want, they can expand the Ebook in order to cover the whole window just by clicking on the arrow button on the left side of the Ebook.

If your students want to leave this mode, they just click on the arrow button one more time.

4 They also have the chance to highlight the text, make notes, add stars or comment in social media for a particular part of the text. Once they mark/select a part of the text, a menu/panel with these options pops-up.

5 They can highlight any part of the text with three different colors, yellow, red, and blue. Just by marking the word or/and text they want, and right-click using their mouse or touchpad and choose from the panel that pops-up the color that suits them best.

6 Your students can also take notes on your ebook in just seconds. They have the option to insert a note which relates to a whole section or a specific note just by marking the word, phrase, or paragraph and pushing the right click. Once the panel appears they just click on the “insert note” icon and a small bubble pops-up where they can write their notes.

7 Also, they can insert “stars” in every part of your Ebook, even on images, if they want to emphasize something. In addition, they have the option to mark the text and add the stars which will appear on the left side of the marked text. If they don’t like the yellow highlighter and would like to keep only the stars they can remove it by right-clicking and when the panel shows up, select the “remove mark” option.

Another option for your students is to clear their markings and notes in just one step. They only have to right-click and select from the panel the “clear all markings-notes from the chapter” option.

8 Moreover, they can mark a part from your Ebook and make a comment in Social Network asking for advice just by right-clicking and selecting from the panel the “comment in Social Network”. Once they do that, a window on the left side of the page will emerge and they will see their selected text pasted and easily “share” their thoughts or questions with their co-learners.

They can also turn their mouse pointer into an instant yellow highlighter so they don’t have to select the text all the time. They just right-click or mark random text and select the “highlighter” from the panel.

9 Last but not least, your students have the option to disable the menu/panel on selection just by clicking on the “enable/disable menu on selection” button so the menu doesn’t pop-up automatically when they mark a part of the text.

Default/enabled menu:

Disabled menu:

As easy as that! ;)