With LearnWorlds, all the awesome content you have already published online can also embed in your own courses. The process is simple and anyone with no special knowledge can do it.

1Firstly, you visit the website of the content you want to embed and copy its embeddable code. For example, if you want to embed a video from YouTube, go to the page of this specific video and click on the “SHARE” button.

2When the new window pops-up click on the “EMBED” button.

3From there you can copy the embeddable code of your video.

4Then, go to your Ebook and paste it to the frame of the “Embed” element, click the “Save” button and you are good to go!

That’s it! You have just embedded a YouTube video in your Ebook. If you want to paste embeddable code from other sources, such as SlideShare, Soundcloud, Pixton, and others, you follow the same steps, click on the “share” and “Embed” button and copy the embeddable code.