LearnWorlds provides you with a great variety of templates so you can create an amazing Ebook your students will love. Welcome to the templates’ library!


Here you can add in your Ebook different titles among 15 different styles and 7 with an image of your choice in the background. You can use them to set the core of your Ebook and separate it into sections and subsections.

Simple Text

Here you can insert a new paragraph for your Ebook, a table (with as many rows and columns as you wish), a Conclusion, as well as a list if you want to outline concepts in a more comprehensive way.

Images and Text

You can choose between templates that give you the option to upload a photo of your choice and cover the whole width of the page, fill in the label below or on the left of the image. Also, you can start your paragraph with a photo aligned on the left or on the right side of the image, or even you can upload a photo and write a “quote”.

Columns and Text

You can find many elements in this category where columns with text or images and text can be inserted in any way you like. You can use them if you want to outline, present, compare or summarize the basic characteristics of your subject’s content by choosing the template that meets your needs.


Here you have the option to insert some ready formats for your texts which you can use to mark something special in your work.

Educational Blocks

Here are some blocks that are sure to help you in your educational process. You can add to your Ebook three different types of paragraphs (try, question, and alarm) and two types of quotes. The “try paragraph” is really useful if you want to prompt your students to try out something and discover their capabilities. The “question paragraph” is handy if you want to examine your students for their knowledge in this particular chapter of the Ebook before they continue to the next one. You can insert the “alarm paragraph” in order to emphasize a specific part of your text. And if you want to add more emphasis to your paragraphs you can easily change the color of their background. As far as it concerns the quotes, they are useful if you want to underline a piece of your text.


Here you can insert an embeddable code to make your eBook more interesting, creative and innovative (for example you can insert videos, slides, etc.). If you think this is a demanding process don’t worry, we got your back. You just have to paste the embed code and the dimensions (width and height) of your element.


From this section, you can add a URL link, insert a tip, or link to one of your school pages. Let’s assume that you want to add an explanation about something mentioned in your Ebook but you prefer not to include it in your main text. No worries! You can add a tip instead! Just mark your text before you enter the Links section and once you insert this element the Ebook Links Manager appears so you can edit them, right-click in it, and once the cursor appears you can add your tip. While your students read your Ebook they will notice a difference because the text in which you inserted the tip is blue and it comes with an orange bulb. Once they click on it, a small window will pop-up with the information you added.

Do you perhaps want to change the order of the templates? No worries! You can click on the arrows (upwards or downwards pointing arrow) to transfer the template you want up or down respectively.

If you want to duplicate one particular element, let’s say for example the special paragraph alarm, you just click on the Copy icon.

Next, let’s assume you want to add the special paragraph alarm underneath the heading “Thank your interviewer” so you click on its paste icon.

Great job! You just pasted the element you wanted and you can modify its text so easily! Pretty handy, huh?

Another practical feature is the plus (+) icon on the downright corner of a text element. If you hover over it, a menu will pop-up with the options of adding a text paragraph and headings 1, 2, and 3. You can choose the one that meets your needs and add it below the element effortlessly.

Don't forget to click on the "Save" button otherwise, your changes will be discarded.

Well done! You just created your awesome Ebook!