Your most valuable friend for the building of your course is the Layout page. All you have to do is click on the "Edit Page" button, and start customizing your course's layout.

Once you are in edit mode you can click on each element on the screen and a menu will pop up on your right giving you various options for customization.

If you hover between sections you'll get the option "+Add section". By clicking on it various sections will pop-up for you to choose, that can be easily inserted on your course page. 

You are able to add course-specific sections, add text and images, multimedia, Hero sections, Products, payment sections, and more! 

Each section can be easily edited or even deleted if you change your mind. Just select the section and then decide whether it will be swapped up/down, copied, duplicated, or whether you want to add your custom code.

Furthermore, you have the main customization options in the "Section" tab, you can change the section's visibility or add an animation through the "Actions" tab, and modify its size and alignment through the "Layout" tab. 

If you need a quicker way to check how each section fits on your page, just use the menu that appears on the "Section" tab under the "Layout" label to switch between different layouts of the same section.

Sometimes, maybe you wish to change a template’s color. Just navigate to the "Section" tab and you'll see the option to modify the background color quickly and easily.