Your most valuable friend for the building of your course page is the Layout tab!

Below the tab zone, you will always find the toolbar from which you can edit your texts, add links and images.

On the top right corner, you can find this button. 

If you hover your mouse over it, a new sidebar will open on the right side of your screen.

You can choose between Add block, which is your main tool, Edit HTML which allows you to tamper with the course’s HTML code, and the Page Settings that allows you a quick look on your page’s settings.

Through Add block, you can choose any of the available templates, which can be easily inserted on your course page. You are able to edit specific zones of your course, add an above the fold layout, texts and images, multimedia, call to action templates, products, auto-updated content or sales templates. Just scroll down the menu and choose anything you like.

Each template can be easily edited or even deleted if you change your mind. Just select the template and then decide whether it will be swapped up/down, make any custom CSS changes, add animated movement to your template, clone or delete it.

If you need a quicker way to check how each template fits on your page, just use the menu that appears when you hover over the top centre.

Sometimes, maybe you wish to change a template’s colour, which is really easy. Just hover over the top left part of the template.