There are plenty of ways you can customize and showcase your amazing courses within LearnWorlds. With fast upload, course authoring, and dragging and dropping of videos and ebooks, you can create your first course in a matter of minutes.

1 From the main Dashboard you can quickly jump to the Course creation wizard by clicking on Create course:

2 Go to Courses:

Click on Create Course:

3 Go to Courses - Course manager:

Click on Create course:

Once you have chosen one of the three mentioned above ways to start creating your course the window that opens up next is the Create Course Wizard. Let's see what are the next following steps :

Course Title: 

Add a course title and click on Next:

Course URL:

As you can see on the left side of the window, we already offer tips and examples on how to ensure your Course URL will be exactly right. Click Next to continue.

Course Access:

Choose a Course type and click Next:

Course price:

Set up a price and click Next:

Note: There is also the option to publish your course at a discounted price to make sure your learners will get attracted. 

To do that, simply click on the option Offer discount and type the discounted price of the course. 

Course card preview:

You can upload an image for your course card.

You may also add the description of your course right below and click Next:

Course Delivery:

You can choose whether you wish to Drip feed your course. When you are done, simply click on the Finish button.