Holidays put us into the mood of spending quality time with people we love, expressing our gratitude to all the beautiful things of this world, and looking deeper into ourselves. As the perfect period to seek happiness and personal fulfillment we also evaluate our progression through the year that passed.

Invest in Knowledge

An excellent way for people to invest in themselves is self-development and especially investing in education, self-development or coaching might be on a rise. Besides, a course that helps them become their ‘future self’ is definitely worth looking more into. While spending money on gifts, people also get to invest in themselves, in their own self-development and that of others.

As an instructor, all you need is a hook to make people interested in what you have to offer, and Christmas holidays, for instance, provide the best opportunity for it.

Here are some effective ways to do this…

1 Introduce Special Holiday Bundles

Why sell one when you can sell two…or more? Holiday bundles serve a great purpose and in any high-shopping season, they can generate a significant ROI. If you have more than a course, come up with an attractive offer and create a bundle of courses that gives away two or more courses at a cheaper price than buying them individually. This way you offer students the opportunity to buy multiple courses at once saving both time and money.

2 Special Offers

Holiday or seasonal special offers can work well for those people who are after yearly promotional discounts. What’s great is that you can do go big in sales, in multiple ways. For example, you can offer a free course as a bonus upon purchase or provide a reduction in the existing course to attract new students. Alternatively, you can create a limited-time coupon code to offer a discount.

use special offers and discounts

3 Gift Cards Give-Away

Give love, give a present. Gift cards can work for those who want to get that ‘little something’ to their significant others, their family, and friends. Knowledge is power, and those who think books are the best presents, are more likely to invest in an online course that offers valuable education, the opportunity to develop a skill, or even develop a hobby.

An excellent way to give out gift cards is providing people the option to buy access to a course for those who would find the course interesting. Allow people to buy coupons to share with their loved ones. What is better than a gift for the mind or spirit?

4 Promote a Charity

Supporting a charity can benefit your online business, not only financially but also in terms of promoting your personal brand. Research from the 2010 Cone Evolution Study shows that 85 percent of consumers have a more positive image of a product or company that supports a charity they care about.

Also, they are more likely to switch brands that are equal in quality and price. This can give you an advantage over other schools and attract people who want to contribute to a good cause.

5 Inform Your Students on Social Media

Make use of social media to let people know that you are offering a discount on e-courses, and share what you offer. Search for online forums and social media groups that are relevant to your course topics or you think they are part of your target audience.

Then share a link directing to a page where you offer free content, e.g. a webinar or an introductory video that explains who you are, along with some promotional deals that are difficult to ignore. When using Facebook you can come up with an events page to build anticipation for your upcoming deals and inform people about your offers through daily/weekly notifications.

woman posting on facebook

6 Create a Holiday-Themed Webinar

A webinar can work great for those who offer step-by-step guides and tutorials on DIY and crafts creation, food or catering services. Sectors of hospitality and retail can benefit more from this as they can be made relevant to the season. However, this doesn’t mean that other subjects can’t be made applicable to the upcoming holidays.

If you are delivering video presentations, you can choose a holiday-specific subject and talk about it in a webinar allowing other opinions to be shared and giving out specialized advice freely. While this doesn’t guarantee an increase in sales, it helps to engage people and encourage them to buy other products you offer that are exclusively offered at this time of the year.

7 Consider Affiliates

Promoting your course on other sites can be equally effective. With affiliates, you can share your deal with custom-made content going out to the most active students in your school. This way you would be giving them incentives e.g. performance awards and prizes.

Alternatively, you can create an exclusive coupon to distribute to your affiliate’s audience and referring them back to your site.

8 Offer limited-time bonuses

Along with other promotional deals, you can use limited-time bonuses that can add more value to the course subscription. Bonuses could take the form of consultation calls, one-to-one or video group coaching, access to private social media groups, or other e-learning materials such as e-books, PDFs, videos, etc. These are more likely to encourage people to think about your offers more seriously and take action.

9 Offer a ‘Physical’ Present

For those who have a more traditional mindset and prefer to feel that their money is not ‘thrown away’ to a non-physical present, you can offer a free physical product along with their online purchase to satisfy their requirements.

These products should be relevant to the course or the subject you teach. For example, if you are into gardening you can send out a tool-kit of essential gardening materials for your students to use. This gives more value to your course and an extra incentive to invest more in you. [IMAGE:]

10 Send a Promotional Email

If you have a ready-made email list (if not, click here) of your students or even those who have just created an account on your school, you can send out newsletters and other promotional material. Each email should entice students to visit your site and/or upgrade their subscriptions. To do this, make sure to present and explain the offer in detail as well as the benefits they can get out of it.

At the same time, it’s a good idea to create some urgency e.g. with limited-time offers or introducing a deadline, and some ‘social proof’ while sharing examples of past students who used your product and got something valuable from it.

When it comes to marketing, promotion, and sales, timing is important. Make sure that you are giving to potential learners what they need and at the most appropriate time, they need it. Customizing the theme of your school so that it fits the needs of your students is crucial and you wouldn’t want this waste this huge opportunity.