Once more, we embarked on another development frenzy, determined to bring you a powerful arsenal of marketing tools.

The first thing we want to improve is what you know about your users.

After all, how can you refine your message if you don’t know who you are talking to?
How can you evolve your courses and offerings if you don’t know where your students come from, what their age is, what their interests are?
How can you reach them if you don’t know in which social media they are spending their time on?

LearnWorlds can become your marketing intelligence partner. Using powerful commercial APIs we collect data from various sources (all ethically and legally collected) and provide you with deep insights about your customers.

 Here is what it looks like.

You just give us an email and let us put a face next to it and enrich your contacts. 

But what insights do we provide and what does this mean for you? Here are a few ways you can use this today to improve your bottom line:

1 Demographics, such as age, gender and location

You may be surprised to know HOW much age alone affects your marketing efforts in this era of always-on-connectivity. Is your audience from the Baby Boomers generation, Generation X or Y?

Different age groups and locations may insinuate different values, and preferences for certain products or services may vary as well. So what does that mean for you? Are your students mostly college educated, women between the ages of 35-54? Are they coming from Colorado or London and should you use local ads to promote your school?

2Social info

We provide you with all known social handles for each user so that you how you can reach out to them. Their Klout score is available too (if they have one), helping you identify the influencers among your customer base. Where should you concentrate your social media efforts? Should you put your time and/or money on Pinterest, Facebook, or LinkedIn? Is perhaps Twitter where your customers spend their time on?


Information about what’s important to your customers, such as interests and hobbies. Tech? Food? Arts   Crafts? Marketing? In some cases, we can even get you employment history information to help you identify corporate customers or other common connections that can help you craft a surprisingly resonating message.

With this treasure-trove of data, you can now personalize your marketing efforts and make them more timely and relevant. And you can research your leads and customers in order to create market segments based on common attributes. That’s how you can get your marketing – and sales – to the next level.

Where can I find this? 

Please keep in mind that the Marketing Intelligence feature is available at this point only for customers of our Learning Center and Corporate packages (and for all our trial schools). However, we are already working hard to make it available to more customers.

To get the information on a lead simply visit the Learner’s page of your school and click on the learner you wish to know more about. The User Details window will open and there you can click on the “Insights” tab and check out all the available information for this user. Easy as a piece of pie.

Neat, huh? ;)