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The Importance of Tracking User Activity

Go to Users All users, click on a particular user, and click on the Activity tab. Click on See all and you will be transferred to the complete Events Log where the total school activity can be searched, filtered, and exported for further analysis.

No more lost sales

You can identify any lost sales and recover them. You can see a user’s failed purchase attempt or subscription renewal failures.

Identify suspicious activity

You can see, for every user, all their logins, including time, location, and IP address. All the proof you need to hold delinquent users accountable and get paid what you deserve for your hard work.

Easier Customer Support

You can provide support to your customers because you have a full picture of their traces in your school. You know when they last logged in, from where what browser and OS they used, and more.

Provide detailed user feedback

You can drill down into a user’s actions and see how and where they spent their time. You can see where they got stuck and jump in to help them reach their goals.

Optimize the customer journey

Study the complete journey of your customers within the platform, from the sign-up to purchase. What courses did they visit? Where they spent their time? Where are you losing them? Did you see a user visiting a course multiple times without purchasing? Send them a discount coupon! Does one particular course catch the eye of many users? Double down and bring it to the front of your school or think about creating an updated version.

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