Designing a beautiful online school or a training academy might be a challenge. LearnWorlds schools have a very wide variety of ready templates to create your landing pages and include your marketing material. Having numerous choices is always a problem, right? Especially if you have trouble deciding which one of our numerous templates better suits your brand.  

Would you like to take a look at all the different, pre-made templates we offer to you without having to insert each and every one of them individually? 

Then you have to try our "Magic Templates". LearnWorlds' new way to build your school quickly and efficiently. You can edit your templates once and then change into a different one if you feel it doesn't represent the brand of your school. It's easily one of the tools you will love to play with.

Shall we start then?

1 Navigate to the course you want and add a new "Call to Enrollment" template.

Note: The "Magic Templates" are currently available only for our "Call to Enrollment" templates in your courses layout but more are coming soon.

2 By hovering over the template, a slider appears at the top of the template with all the options you have from different templates. 

3 Click on any of the arrows to change the template. You don't have to worry about any changes you have made to the template as all changes persist to the new templates.

For example, you can add edit the main text area of the template:

And even add pictures and change the title:

Every change you make persists to all the different templates.

Amazing, isn't it? The "Magic Templates" are the smart way to use our pre-made templates to build your courses. Are you ready to use them? Then head to your school, or, if you don't have one, create a free trial and test it out!