The Pages Builder offers plenty of editor features for you to create the most stunning pages. In this article, we are going to learn how to add a Newsletter section.

1 Go to the page you wish to enter the Newsletter section.

2 Click on "Add section" :

3 Click on "Email Grabbers" and choose the one you wish to add:

4 As soon as you insert the desired section you can edit it. You can change the colors of the section elements as well as the text that users will see prior to and after the subscription.

Click on the "Edit Form" option:

and select the Editing view (Before and After submit), Tag your users and choose whether you want to redirect your users to a specific page on submit:

Tag users:

If you have many newsletter sections in various pages of your school, then you can Tag each email grabber section. This feature helps you determine the page from which a subscription took place.

You can view this subscription detail in your "Leads From Pages" email list under the section "TAG". You can also use the filter menu for tabs.

That's it. You did it!