In this article we will see how you can insert course templates within a page to showcase your amazing courses.

1 Go to the "After login page" (or any other page you want to add a course template) from your admin menu.

2 To insert a new course template in your current page you simply have to click on the plus icon (+) on the far right of your screen to expand the extra options menu. From there make sure that the "Add block" tab is selected, and click on the "Your courses" template category under the Products section to choose from our various course templates.

3 Once you select your desired course template, you can click on the "Edit courses" to further customize it. 

4 In the Course Manager window that opens you can select among a few options:

a) You can select the courses you want to be displayed in the template.

There are plenty of choices between Category courses, Subscription courses, Bundle courses...

...and there is also the option to create a Custom List of courses to be displayed.

b) You can set up to 6 rows for your courses to be displayed if you want to showcase many courses within the same course template.

c) You can choose to display filters within the template to make course navigation easier.

d) Also, you can add a slider for your courses to be displayed.

e) Finally, you can even preview the rest of the course templates without having to start all over again. Simply click on the arrows on the right of your Course Manager window to instantly see your template generated.

5 Don't forget to click on the "Save" button otherwise your changes will be discarded. To see your changes, simply click on the "Preview" button.

This is how your Course template could look to your learners.

Now you can create and customize the most awesome and dynamic course templates there are. :)