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Types of Questionnaires and Certificates (Legacy)

We have introduced the new powerful and flexible Assessment Builder. You can find more information about the new Assessments and Certificates here. You can learn how to migrate your existing Assessments here.

Through your Learnworlds school, you can add examination tasks to monitor and evaluate your users' progress, as well as grant certificates for their improvement. 

Quiz (Legacy)

It's a test intended for learning purposes. It's a self-assessment tool so users do not get a score at the end of the test but immediate feedback for each answer. Quizzes' results are not available in the Gradebook.

Note: For survey purposes and to store users' answers as well, you can use our Forms (available in the Pro Trainer plan or higher).

Exam (Legacy)

It's a formal test that can include only closed-type questions You can set a passing score and users will be notified about their performance after submitting the whole questionnaire. Exams' results are available in the Gradebook.

Assignment (Legacy)

Open-ended questions are answered by users and can be scored manually by the instructor or the school admin. Assignments' answers are available in the Gradebook.

File Assignment (Legacy)

Open-ended questions, similar to Assignments, through which instructors can request users to submit one or more files. File Assignments' results are available in the Gradebook. This feature is available in the Pro Trainer plan or higher.

Graded SCORM Package

Graded SCORM packages are an enhancement of our SCORM learning activity option, that allows you to integrate Score and Pass/Fail results from SCORM into your Gradebook

Certificate (of knowledge) (Legacy)

A formal certificate that users can get after successfully passing a final exam set of closed-type questions. Custom certificates are available in our Pro Trainer plan or higher.

Certificate of completion (Legacy)

Users can get a formal certificate after having visited the course and answered the questionnaires. Custom certificates are available in our Pro Trainer plan or higher.

Remember that we will stop supporting the legacy assessments after September 2023. We will not update our legacy assessments with fixes or new features until then. As mentioned, we offer an Assessments Migrator to help you migrate to the new assessment tool while keeping all of your students' data.

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