Through your Learnworlds school, you can add examination tasks so that you can monitor and evaluate your learner's progress as well as grant certificates for their improvement. There are 5 types of exams that you can add to your online course and these are:

  • Quiz: It's a test intended for learning purposes where there is no scoring but you can provide plenty of feedback for each answer.
  • Exam: You can set a passing score and your learners will be notified about their performance after submitting the whole questionnaire where only closed-type questions can be used.
  • Assignment: These are open-ended questions which must be scored manually by the instructor.
  • Certificate: Your learners can get a formal certificate when completing a form and then answering a set of closed-type questions in a secure testing environment.
  • Certificate of completion: Your learners can claim a certificate of completion only if they have visited the whole course and have answered the questionnaires.

You can learn more about each type of exam and certificate by simply following these links: