Tawk.to is a live chat application that lets you monitor and chat with visitors on your website or from a free customizable page

LearnWorlds integrates with Tawkto following a few easy steps so you can message your students and solve their problems in real time

1 Visit Dashboard using your Tawkto account and click "Sites & Pages"->"Manage Sites".

2  At the pop-up window fill your Learnworld Name and your Learnworld domain and click "Next"

3 If you want to add Admins or Agents insert their e-mails (in our case we leave it blank) and click "Next"

4 Copy (Ctrl+C) the s1.src Url field from the "Chat Widget".

5 Click "Done" to finish the Widget process.

6 Now you have to paste this unique Url in your LearnWorld platform.Click "Integrations" at the admin panel.

7 Click "Customer Service".

8 Click "Activate" on the "Tawkto".

9 Paste (Ctrl+V) the unique Url at the field.

10 To finish the integration click "Save" at the top.

11 You have successfully integrate Tawkto chat to your LearnWorld. When a Student logs in to your learning school a chat box will  appear on the bottom right like shown below.

You are done!