There may come a time when you will need to reset or change a user's password. Fear not though because it's a piece of cake to do so.

1 When in admin mode click on the "Users" --> "All learners" option in the admin menu.

2 Find the record of the learner you would like to manually enroll to a course, hover your mouse over the button under the "Manage" column, and click on either the "reset password" button or the "update password" button.

3a Reset Password - In the case of resetting a user's password you will be asked to confirm your action. As soon as you do, the user will receive the following e-mail:

The user will now have to click on the link enclosed within the e-mail and load this screen where they can reset their password:

As soon as they put their new code they should be able to view this message:

3b Update password - In the case of wanting to change the password manually yourself, you simply have to type the new password in the field and click on the "change" button.

That's it, you did it!