Here are some detailed instructions regarding the VAT issues:

1 When in admin mode, go to "Settings"- "School Info" and write the address of your company (seller).

2 When in admin mode, go to "Financial" - "Invoices set up", and give your company VAT number (Company VAT Number), include an invoice logo if you wish (Invoice logo), add a custom thank you message in your invoice (Thank you message in invoices), add a text message to explain your tax policy (Tax message in invoices) and do not forget to check the "Show standard VAT in invoices'' checkbox if you wish tο:

You will also choose to calculate VAT in your invoices (Calculate VAT in invoices/receipts) and do not forget to check the "Display invoice details textarea" checkbox. Checking it will reveal an extra textarea in the payment form so that your learners can add their own details to the invoices. 

Finally, you can also customize the text in your invoices as you like (Invoice Texts), just make sure you test your changes once you make them.

3 Below you can see sample invoices/receipts if you follow the steps above.

4 Sales reports can be exported if you go to "Report Center" - "Sales" - "Orders".  This is where you can export all your sales and download users' invoices/receipts. Hover your mouse over the "Export data" topbar option, and click on the "Export as xls".