Affiliate marketing is a system of revenue sharing between a merchant (website) and an advertiser (the affiliate). This system allows the merchant to recruit or sign-up affiliates/advertisers to advertise their products and/or services in return for a commission on sales sold by that affiliate.

Normally, this type of marketing works by having the merchant website create an affiliate program that affiliate members can join. Upon joining, the affiliate is given a unique website URL to promote that merchant's products and/or services. By promoting this link, any referrals that click on this unique link are tracked. When the referring customer buys from the merchant, the affiliate member is given a commission for that referring sale.

Merchants can pay affiliates in many different ways. These include pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, or pay-per-click. This depends entirely on the merchant website and how they want to reward their affiliate members.

Recruit and Signup Affiliate Members :

A new affiliate, usually another website operator, signs up for your affiliate program, managed by your affiliate software. Your Affiliate members area automatically gives them his / her own unique affiliate link to promote your products or services. This unique link is what he/she uses to promote your goods all over the Internet. These promotions can be in the form of banner advertising, email signatures, email advertising, and so on. 

Track Your Affiliate Referrals :

Whenever a visitor sees these promotions and clicks on that affiliate link, they are tracked. After clicking on the affiliate link, that visitor is redirected to your web site in order to check out your products and services.

Generate Referral Sales and Repeat Customers :

When that visitor decides to buy your product, the affiliate software generates a commission for the referring affiliate.  The affiliate can do this repeatedly in order to generate more commissions and ultimately create a good income for him / her. In your case, you will be able to generate new sales easily and with no upfront costs because you never have to pay for promotional costs before a sale is made.

1 In order to activate the JROX affiliate manager in your LearnWorld, you have to follow this path: Click Integrations --> Affiliates.

2 Click "Activate" on the relevant box and fill in the details needed for your integration to be installed.

To enable the JROX affiliate manager you must provide your Access Key & Secret ID (which can be found in the JROX website by navigating to Settings > Global Configuration > Automation > Auto Signup) and also add your JROX url. To be able to track an affiliate's commissions, a new member account must be created in your JROX affiliate system.

Once this has been done any URLs to your LearnWorlds school that contain the affiliate's parameter (i.e. the JROX member's username appended at the end of the URL) are tracked by JROX affiliate manager. And any purchases made by another user through these URLs are tracked and the respective commissions are added to the affiliate's balance.

Here is a URL example 


If a third user follows this link and later purchases the course, the sale will be credited to affiliate johnspencer.

Setting up the details of the affiliate program, e.g. for how long after the visit the purchase is tracked, commissions, etc can be done through the JROX affiliate manager environment. 

For more information about setting up your JROX affiliates site please consult the JROX video tutorials and knowledge base: