Create powerful upsell offers by offering bundle of relevant courses at discounted prices. Your learners can purchase many courses included in a bundle for a lower total price instead of purchasing each course individually.

- Go to Marketing tools -> Manage Bundles.

- Here is a sneak preview of the page:

- For every course bundle you can see its title, the courses assigned to it and both the original and the discounted price. You can edit/delete a course bundle anytime. 

- To create a course bundle, just press the "Create bundle" button on the topbar of the page and a sideform will show up.

- Give a title to your bundle, select the courses assigned to it (they have to be paid courses), make it public, and save the changes.- Your bundles show up in the starting page of your LearnWorld and they are links, each one to the corresponding bundle page.

- In the bundle page, your learners can see an overview about the bundle and the included courses as well.