Our  "Events log" page gives you unparalleled control over your online school with real time information about the activity that takes place there. 

With it you can monitor what is happening within your school and search for specific activities. Moreover, you can provide support to your customers when they face problems since you can monitor their exact activities.

1 Go to Activity --> Events Log, or click More Events in your Dashboard and identify login activity, failed buying attempts, who visited which course and a lot more. A great tool for keeping track of all the important events that take place in your school and offer better support to your learners.

Here is a sneak preview of the page:

2 Of course you can filter the Events stream and select just the type of events you want to check out:

Here is a table explaining how each filter works:

Filter Usage
All activities Shows all the activites of your users
Register Shows all the user registrations to your school
Login Shows all the user logins in your school along with their connection location info
Logout Shows all the user logouts of your school
Purchase Shows all the purchases along with the purchased item and the corresponding user
Manual Enrollment Shows all the manual enrollments by the admin as well as the item of enrollment and the corresponding user
Drip Feed Section Unlocked Shows all the drip feed section unlockings along with the section and course that the feed belongs to and the corresponding user.
Subscription Signup Shows all the new user subscriptions along with the subscriptions' name
Subscription Renewal Shows all the subscription renewals along with the subscriptions' name and the corresponding user
Subscription Cancelled Shows all the subscription cancellations along with the subscriptions' name and the corresponding user
Failed Purchase Shows all the failed purchases along with the item's name, reason of failure and the corresponding user
Follow Shows all the users who have followed another user along with their name
Post Shows all the user posts in the community
Post Comment Shows all the user comments on a post in the community or in a unit
Post Like Shows all the user likes on a post in the community or in a unit
Award Certificate Shows all the certification winnings along with the users' name, certification name and course's name
Visit Course Shows all the user visits on a course along with its name

3 You can export your log in csv or xls format so as to use and analyze it in any way you prefer.

You are now the best overseer that your school could have!