Below there are some sneak previews of how your admin pages will look like when your school will grow to take a sweet taste about the possibilities and the features our platform provides.


A Dashboard to help you run your business: be it a ship, a spaceship or the online school business you work so hard for, every complex enterprise needs a command center. The LearnWorlds Dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of your school, allowing you to be instantly on top of your sales, registrations, and student activity. See in real time who is logged in and engage with your students!

2) EVENTS LOG page

Better monitoring of your school events. Go to Analytics -> Events Log, or click More Events in the Dashboard and identify login information, failed buying attempts, who visited which course and a lot more. A great tool for keeping track of all the important events that take place in your school and offer better support to your learners.

3) LEARNERS page

Go to People -> Learners and see all the users of your school. Search for users, filter their records by course or by date, manage their courses, change their emails and passwords, import users or export them.

Please have in mind that you can find the users that haven't activated yet their accounts despite of the fact that you have manually imported them. In that case, you can find them by choosing "Never Logged In" in the drop down list below.

The records will be filtered and a new button called "Send activation" will show up in the topbar.

If you click on that, a new activation email will be sent to all those users reminding them to activate their accounts in your LearnWorld's school! Cool, ha?

Last but not least about the Learners page, it is the possibility for you to track the basic info of every user and watch their progress inside your school. Click on a learner's name and a sideform will show up gathering all those data for you.


Manage the list of certificates earned by your learners. Who got what and when. Print the certificates and track shipments.

Of course you can export the data either in csv or in xls format. This feature is available to the previous pages as well.

5) SALES page

Your revenues! See who bought what, when and how. Filter orders by date, course or search through any text field. You can also see reports on how much revenue each course generates. Filter the performance of your courses by date or any text you want. You can also take a look at the revenues for each instructor of your school, depending on course sales and instructors’ defined revenue share percentages.