Viralize your online school with LinkedIn certificate sharing! Your students can now share the course certificates they earn in your school in their LinkedIn profiles with just one click! Students are always eager to showcase the latest skill or certification they acquired and course sellers are double happy since their courses become viral and attract more and more sales!

1 When in admin mode visit the course's Contents tab, hover over a certificate learning unit, and then click on the "Settings" button:

2 In the side-form that shows up, click on the "Share certificate to LinkedIn":

3 These buttons will appear every time your student is awarded a certificate.

4 If they click on the LinkedIn button, this form appears that guides your students through the process of sharing their certificates to their LinkedIn account.

Don't forget that a public certificate makes two people happy: the student that got the certificate and proudly displays his/her new skills and the instructor/school that awarded it in the first place!