Intercom is a fundamentally new way to communicate with your customers. It shows you who is using your product or website and makes it easy to personally communicate with them through targeted, behavior-driven email, in-app, and web messages.

LearnWorlds integration with Intercom following a few easy steps allows you to communicate with your students, personally, at scale—on your online school, and by email.

1 Visit Intercom Page using your Intercom account. And click on "Avatar"-> "Integrations".

2 Copy (Ctrl +C, Cmd +C) your unique 8digit  "app_id".

3 Now you have to integrate (Paste) this 8digit code in your LearnWorld platform.Click "Integrations" at the admin panel.

4 Click "Support".

5 Click "Activate" next to "Intercom".

6 Paste (Ctrl+V, Cmd +V) your 8digit code at the field.

7 To finish the integration click "Save" at the top.

Now your Learnworld is successfully integrated to your Intercom. Visit Intercom Page to start communicate with your customers.