Click on Site Builder -> Edit School Site, and click on Edit School Topbar:

You can edit the:

a) Before sign in/up topbar. The before sign in/up topbar, is addressed to users that have not signed up in your school or have logged out from their account.

b) After sign in/up topbar. The After sign in/up topbar, is addressed to users that have already signed up in your school, authenticated themselves, and are logged in.

Note: You can alter the layout of your Topbar, as shown here. 


To insert a logo simply hover over Your Logo ( in the following example a logo has been already inserted), and click on Change under the Image option to upload your image logo. You can also change your logo by clicking on the Edit option. 

Once you add your logo, you can adjust it through the panel that appears, such as Size, inserting only Alternative text, redirecting Actions, and Layout.

Note: In order to change the background color of your logo in case you enter just Alternative Text, instead of a picture, you simply have to click on Layout on the right-side settings panel, and in the Background color pick the desired color.

Note: You can also add a link to your logo. To do so, click on your logo, and click on Actions. 

Add widgets

You can add any widget you wish to customize your Topbar.

Apart from your logo, you can also add links to your top bar and change the buttons' names accordingly.  More information on how to edit your Buttons in your Topbar and how to create Submenu buttons can be found here.

To further see how you can add links to buttons and in general elements in your sections and pages simply follow this link.

Hamburger Menu

Your topbar is not visible on mobile devices, as it adjusted to a Hamburger menu.  

1 You can choose which buttons to be visible in the Hamburger Mobile Menu view:

2You can disable the mobile menu in case you would like to follow a different navigational strategy for your users, by clicking on your Topbar settings, and by pressing Hide on the Mobile Menu Setting in the right settings panel.

3If you want to have a different background color in your mobile menu in comparison with your school's Theme explorer, you can choose a color by clicking "Custom", and then select the color you prefer.

4You can also change the Link Text Color.

Save your changes

Don't forget to click on the Save button otherwise, your changes will be discarded.  If you want to leave the settings of the Topbar and navigate to your pages, simply click Save & close. If you were trying various layouts and appearances in your topbar, and do not wish to save those changes, simply click on the Discard & exit.

Show topbar option - Custom Page topbar

But what about having a different marketing strategy on your mind and you do not want your topbar to be visible in some, or even most of your pages? Our team has created a setting just for you!

1 Navigate to the School Page that you want to adjust the top bar.

2Hover over Page.

3Click on Page Properties.

4Show top bar Option will appear in your Page Settings.

a) If you do not wish to change your top bar, as you prefer to keep the same one as you have originally created, then select Common Site topbar.

b) If you want to adjust your page according to your marketing ideas or different strategies, you can click on Custom page topbar, and then you will need to edit your topbar as you desire for this specific page only! 

c) If you are not happy with the 2 previous choices and you just don't want your topbar to be visible on that specific page in your school, then click on No topbar at all.

Do not forget to save your changes!