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How to Set up your Exam Settings

The first time you create an Exam, you will be prompted to choose your desired settings, including a passing grade, test duration, questions' order, etc.

In the table below you may find a list of all the available Exam settings.

Duration in minutesIt is the full time that your students will have at their disposal to take the Exam. A countdown clock will be appearing at the top right corner of your Exam.
Random Questions  This option makes sure that your questions will be shown in randomized order. For example, if your test has 20 questions and you set the Random questions to 10, then in each exam attempt, 10 questions will be selected at random and shown to learner. If you enable Random Questions but don't specify a number, then all questions of the current test will be shown in random order.
Maximum number of triesThis option allows you to set how many times a student can re-take the exam.
Notify user before submitWhen this option is enabled, a confirm prompt will appear when learner submits his/her questionnaire, in order to avoid accidental test submissions.
Show students' mistakesWhen this option has enabled, after submitting the exam, learners will be able to review their answers to see whether they answered correctly or not.
Note: If a learner gave the wrong answer to a question, the correct one will not be revealed. Students can always re-try the test if they have the relevant option enabled. 
Downloadable file after the successWhen this option is enabled, learners will be offered a complimentary file if they manage to succeed on your exam.
Auto-navigationWhen the auto-navigation option is enabled, user doesn't have to click the "Next" button in order to go to the next question. Instead, as soon as he/she selects an answer, the exam moves to the next question
Passing grade in %With this option, you can set the percentage of correct answers a learner must achieve in order to pass the Exam.

Note: You can change your exam's settings anytime. Hover over the learning activity, select Settings → Edit Exam and click on Settings in the top bar of the Exam authoring.


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