You can easily insert assignments to your courses. Assignments are open-ended (text) questions that your students have to answer and the instructor can manually grade.

1 Go to Courses --> "Desired course"

2 In the course contents page under the section in which you want to create an assignment click "Add an activity"

If you want to create a new section to add the assignment then first click on "Add section" and then click "Add an activity" 

3 To create an assignment click on the “Assignment” button.

4 Insert the Title of your assignment and click Save.

5 To customize the questions of the assignment click the " Edit questions" button for this element.

To edit your assignment, simply click on the "Settings" button shown below.

6 The first time you create an assignment, you will be prompted to choose your desired settings, including show students' answers, notify user before submit, and download a file after success. Don't forget to click on the "Ok" button to make sure all changes are implemented.

7 In order to add questions to your test, simply click on the "Add question" button and choose the Open Ended question:

8 After inserting the Open Ended question simply type/paste the question description.

9 Don't forget to click on the "Save" button to save your assignment changes.

Remember you can change the settings of your assignment whenever you wish. By clicking "Change settings" in the top-bar of authoring assignment.

This is how the assignment will look to your learner:

10 To grade the assignment simply go to Exams --> Assignments...

...and click on the Grade (A+) button on the far right of the learner's tab you wish to grade.

This is how the graded assignment will look to your learner.

Well done, you can now create and grade assignments in no time!