Assignments are open-ended (text) questions that your students have to answer and the instructor can manually grade.


Create your Assignment

1 Go to your desired course's Contents tab under the section in which you want to create an exam click Add an activity.

2 Click on the Assignment button under the Questionnaires tab.

3 Give a title to your exam and click Save to create your exam.

4 To edit the assignment click the Settings button.

The first time you create an assignment and click on Edit Assignment, you will be prompted to choose your desired settings, including show students' answers, notify the user before submit, download a file after success, and passing grade.

Click on Save to save your changes.

Assignment Authoring

1 Click on Edit questions.   

2 To add questions to your assignment, hover on the cross sign on the upper side of the screen and choose the type of question you want to add:

3 Type/paste the question description.

4 Click on Save to save your assignment changes.

Note: You can change the settings of your assignment whenever you wish, by clicking on Settings in the top bar of the authoring assignment.

Grading the Assignments

You can find out more on how to grade the Assignments, in our respective article.