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How to Create a Quiz Learning Activity (Legacy)

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 We have introduced the new powerful and flexible Assessment Builder. You can find more information about the new Assessments and Certificates here. You can learn how to migrate your existing Assessments here. 

In this article, you will find more information on how to create a legacy quiz learning activity. This learning activity works as a self-assessment tool where users will get immediate feedback on their answers, however, they are not getting a score at the end of the test. 


  • The answers given in the Quiz learning activity do not get stored in the Gradebook since they are not graded. We suggest using our new Assessment Builder, where responses are stored. 
  • If you want to create a formal test, you can consider the Exam learning activity.

Create your Quiz

1. Go to your course's Contents tab under the section in which you want to create a quiz and click Add activity.

2. Click on Quiz Legacy under the Assessment Legacy tab.

3. Give a title to your quiz and click Save or Save and Edit to create your quiz.

4. Click on Settings, to edit the quiz.

Quiz Authoring

1. To customize your quiz, click on Edit questions.

2. In order to add questions to your quiz, hover on the cross sign on the upper side of the screen and choose the type of question you want to add:

Multiple choice

After your insert, a multiple-choice question, type/paste your question, and the possible answers, and at the correct answer click the correct checkbox next to it. 

Note: You can add more alternative answers by clicking the Add Choice button.

Multiple-choice & Multiple correct answers

After you insert a multiple-choice question, type/paste your question, the possible answers as well as any desired feedback for each one, and at the correct answer click the Correct checkbox next to it. 

Note: You are able to choose more than one correct answer to this type of question. In order for the question to be considered correct, the user must choose all of the correct answers. 


Type/paste the question title and the statement. If the statement is true click the correct box otherwise leave it blank (blank means that the statement is False).


After inserting the Poll question, type/paste the description as well as the poll options.

Short answer

After inserting the Short answer question, type/paste the description as well as the right answer. 

Note: For these types of questions, only short (2-3 words and phrases) answers can be detected by the system. For larger answers that presuppose manual correction, you can use the Text with Feedback type of question. In addition, short answers are case insensitive, meaning that both uppercase and lowercase letters of a word can be detected.

Text with Feedback

After inserting the Text with the Feedback question, type/paste the description as well as the right answer.

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