As an Instructor, you have the authority to modify a course, upload/delete learning content, edit the description of the course or set a price to it.

To start just follow the steps below:

1 Log-In with your account which has Instructor's rights and click on the "Manage your Courses" button at the "Authoring Options" bubble on the left.

2 On this page you can see all the courses in which you have Instructor rights (in this example three). Select the course you would like to modify.

3 You will be redirected to the Authoring page for the selected course in which you can edit the Course's Layout page (Titles, Descriptions, Bios, etc), insert education content (section, learning unit), or modify other course's settings by clicking on the respective buttons.

4 If you click on the "Dashboard" tab on the top, you will see a general preview of how your course is fairing. You get information like the "Sales" of the course, the "Latest exams", and the "Certifications" that have been awarded to your learners.

You are done!