Creating a course in LearnWorlds is easy peasy. With easy upload, course authoring and drag n' drop rearranging of videos and ebooks, you can create your first course in a matter of minutes.

1) From your home page click on the green "Manage your Learnworld" button on the top of the page.

2) From your admin menu go to Courses --> Manage All Courses.

3) Click on the "New course" button on the top right.

4) On the window that opens you need to add your course title along with a friendly url for sharing your course and then click on "Create course".

5) Once you select "Create course",you will be redirected to the course contents page. From there you need to click on the "Course settings" button on the top authoring bar.

6) On the window that opens you can edit the basic settings of your course:

Course title
Course description appearing in the course page
Image in starting page
Image for the course card
Small description in starting and landing page
Description for the course card
Video image
Video image for the course page
Video vimeo id
Vimeo id for the video
Categories in which the course belongs
Course access can be se to draft, soon, free, paid and private
Course expires in
The desired expiration date for the course

Once you are done do not forget to click on "Save" to save your course settings changes.

To insert sections and activities to your course simply follow these links: